Les Choeurs de Saint-Michel

C'est pas ton truc l'anglais ?

Welcome ! this page is dedicated to choral song training

Being member of a French chorus (les choeurs de Saint-Michel near Paris) since some years, I have been several times faced to the difficulty to prepare the work "at home". How to rehearse at home with only a score, sometimes a diapason... or for some privileged persons a keyboard. Of course If you are good musician it is not a problem for playing and singing together, but if not !
Personally, I have got a piano but it is always stressing to study a piece while sight-reading notes and lyrics !

I searched for more modern methods, let say more numerical ! Why not use these more and more common machines (even in France) called multimedia pc as tutor ?

The best quality / price tool I found is NoteWorthy Composer (about 800Kb). For less that 40 $ your are capable to build your own scores, input note by note, input from a keyboard, or imported from a midi file. NoteWorthy ArtWare's Web Site

A freeware (NoteWorthy Player about 400Ko) is also available to hear and see all the works available on the Web.

The NWC users community is larger and larger. The users and the editor are very active through a forum and a NewsGroup. Everyone is allowed to register its own site for the best and the worst !

Since I am using this tool, I am capable to rehearse quietly at home. You know, the daily small quarter of an hour which changes your way of singing !

I would like to share with you (as many others) the work I have done. That is a set of pieces I have notated in the context of the work of my chorus.

Well it's there. Remind you this is an "amateur" work mainly done for choral song training and done by a tenor...

November 1998